Friday, February 11, 2011

My Birthday Fabric

Since my last post 9,000 years ago... I've turned this many years old:

Happy Birthday To Me

(first real birthday cake I ever made from scratch and it was delicious. Just yellow cake and basic buttercream frosting)

Here are some presents to myself, from myself:

Metro Living + xtras

Metro Living + xtras II

Metro Living, plus a couple of Hoodie prints and one lonely Heath in grey.

Yummy Greys

But wait, let's check out those sweet out-of-focus espresso cups up there:

Stacking Espresso Cups and Saucers

(these are actually my husband's Valentine's gift from me, but they came early; I'm not patient; and because I am my husband's wife, I get to use them too)

Garden Divas by Jane Sassaman

I am in love with these fabrics, but I think they're going unnoticed. Garden Divas by Jane Sassaman. Notice them!

So it would appear that I'm doing more fabric buying and less creating, but this isn't so. Here is one big project I finished:

Keepsake Pillows
Keepsake pillows made from a family member's late Aunt's favorite quilt. She asked me to make enough little pillows so that everyone who loved her Aunt could have a piece. Such a great idea and I think they turned out quite nicely.

I also finished about 3 quilt tops, but I'll wait until they are actual finished QUILTS before sharing them.