Sunday, November 7, 2010

My First "Mug Rug"

I just discovered these little guys (remember, I'm still new here) and they are addictive. Therefore... everyone gets mug rugs for Christmas!

I probably have family members reading this now thinking "Oh great, what the hell do I need a mug rug for?" and the truth is that nobody needs a mug rug, but I made this one for myself today and every time I catch it out of the corner of my eye, I am filled with happiness! This is probably because I'm a fabric addict, quilt addict and made it with my own hands, but... have a look:

Mug rug + favorite mug

Mug rug + favorite mug

Are you filled with happiness too?? Look at all of those neat, tidy little squares. See that one next to the blank white one? Doesn't that fill you with JOY?? What about the tiny little hot pink polka dot scrap in the binding?!

No? Well then certainly the back of this puts a huge grin on your face...

My first mug rug (back)

Oh the sad reality is that I will probably get far more joy out of making these things than my family members will receiving them, but I gave up on the equal-value-gift-card-exchange years ago ("Oh you got me a $50 gift card to Lowes? Well I got you a $50 gift card to Home Depot!"). We've been doing handmade xmas gifts for years now and it helps us enjoy Christmas more (I am easily stressed and find the holidays to be pretty draining... and I'm a cynical pessimist). I hope it helps a few others enjoy Christmas more too... ? I mean really, if you want something at Home Depot, you'll go get it yourself, right?

My first mug rug

Ahhh... a nice little piece of comforting, creative success :)

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  1. Love it, Amber. I would love to look at one of those while enjoying my morning coffee.