Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lots of progress, but not much to show...

In case you're curious, here's what I've been working on for the past week or so:

about 9 billion mug rugs, tops and backs, but no actual quilting has taken place yet...

pile of mug rug tops

fabric circles for a Christmas wreath...

Christmas wreath fabric circles

Folksy Flannel quilt (but I need more yardage and am waiting for a sale or coupon, because I'm cheap...)

Folksy Flannel pieces

I feel like I need to complete something to feel a sense of accomplisment here. Also, I won't let myself start another quilt until all of those mug rugs are done.

Oh, but last night was Saturday and so I thought I'd get wild and crazy, put on pajamas, cozy up in bed at 10 and make a wishlist at Above All Fabric! Do I know how to party or what?? Remember getting the Toys R Us catalog and circling everything you wanted and dreaming about winning a shopping spree... ? Well that's what we have here. Melanie of Above All Fabric is hosting a giveaway for $100, $50 and $25 to her store! Visit her blog for details on how to enter yourself. I actually plan on playing the wishlist game a little tonight before bed too... it helps ease me into a happy slumber (no really).

I've always wanted every color of Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden print. That print has the ability to be awesome with just 2 colors. It always catches my eye and looks good with so many different fabrics. I'm also quite interested in getting my hands on some of Tula Pink's new Parisville collection. I love every color way equally... I want them all in a bad, bad way...

...okay, time for chores and then off to dream about fabric!


  1. Thanks for following me-I am now a follower of you-I really like your quilts they are so pretty!!

  2. Wow Amber, those are actually amazing. I'm not a fan of gran's ol quilts, but these totally kick ass. Great work!

  3. oh I started to comment because I wanted to know if you planned on doing an Etsy site, or just doing this for personal use?

  4. Sorry I didn't see these comments before! Thanks Tonia! I do plan on doing an Etsy shop once the quilts start piling up. Right now I am still giving them all away as gifts, but I don't know that many people, so...

    And thanks to the both of you for following me!