Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm still here!

I keep feeling guilty about not updating this thing. And as time has passed, I have 9 million things to update about! I need to try harder to update each day with whatever I've got going. New Year's resolution. I wouldn't want to disappoint my 12 followers, HA. But really, I couldn't update for awhile because everything I was working on was a Christmas gift for a family member who might read this blog. I'll share all of those goodies after the holidays.

Okay, so I finally finished this Folksy Flannel quilt top. I hate flannel. So much. Nothing I tried with my sewing machine made the fabric feed evenly. It just stretches so badly. Hate. Anyway, it's finished (thank the heavens) but the size of it is making finding quilt backing difficult. It's a 67" square. I wanted to use a fleece blanket, but a twin isn't wide enough and buying anything bigger than that is more expensive than just buying yardage. Knowing the size of this quilt top I still managed to purchase 2 blankets that weren't big enough! I shyed away from buying flannel backing because I know it's hard to find good quality, but I ended up buying some online with fingers crossed. It should be here tomorrow.

Folky Flannel Quilt Top

I don't plan on quilting this on my machine because that might kill me. Instead, I think I will try tying it at each seam corner and in the center of each square, like a tuft. I have no idea how to tie quilts though, so I should probably start researching that.

Folksy Flannel Quilt Top

I am also 98% finished with a Parisville quilt top using Pomegranate FQs I bought over the holiday weekend (with other goodies that I'll share in a moment). I'm waiting for a tiny bit more fabric to arrive so I can finish the border. Here is a sneek peek:

Parisville Peek
Pomegranate mint cream. Yum.

In addition to the Parisville bundle, I got an Innocent Crush bundle in the Swept Away palette and a Hope Valley design roll. I love looking at these, so they're still sitting out even though I don't have any plans for them yet.

Innocent Crush bundle

hope valley roll

I've also been thinking that today would be a good day to start using Twitter. I have an account, but feel like I'm not part of the coolness crew there and don't understand who would read what I post... I'm kinda feeling really old, like I don't get how it works still. You know, like trying to explain email to your grandparents or something. Kinda embarassing, but whatever. If you want to follow me there, you should: sew_wonky. I will do more than just retweet for fabric giveaways soon, promise.


  1. I love your folksy flannel quilt top, bet it'll make a gorgeous and snuggly quilt. Could do with that right now in snowy scotland :)

    I'm totally in love with all AMH fabrics just now especially the voiles. The Hope valley is another favourite of mine I have some for making a present for my mum but I think I need some for myself too.

    The twitter thing is still new to me too, I use it but I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing.

  2. Love the quilt top! So cute!

    I also like your sneak peek! Hurry so I can see it all finished in it's yumminess! :D

  3. This is my favorite one yet, love it.

  4. I hear ya on the flannel hate. I did a rag quilt with flannel not too long ago. It turned out cute, but I would not want to do any precise piecing with it!

    Check out this blog post by Leila for a good way to tie quilts by machine: